Chehalis-Western Trail

Chehalis-Western Trail is a result of yet another relatively recent rail-to-trail conversion, where its used to be "Chehalis Western Railroad". The trail name is misleading a little, it is not close to Chehalis town, but rather to Lacey, north of Olympia.

The trail is 22 miles, but it is connected to 15 mile Yelm-Tenino Trail. On west side it ends at Woodard Bay, a quiet and peaceful place.

In Lacey we couldn't miss a bakery and a cup of tea.

"Scotch broom" is non-native and considered invasive here, but I like it, its so colorful. Without it the place would be occupied by blackberry anyway.

What I like about that trail is it goes on nice green areas, not along a highway, as often. We rode 52 miles that day.

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