Жизнь продолжается!

Можно попробовать начать писать снова... Где я остановился? На книжке "Игорь и Ира"? Лена перевела ее на английский! Продается на Амазоне.

This is a rather unusual book, where math is built into a fairy tale. What is supposed to be in fairy tales is there: princes, princesses, shepherds, culinary scientists, detectives, robbers, rhinos, ice-cream - but the story develops with the use of geometry, combinatorics, set theory, and other mathematical tools. Without formulas and scientific terminology, the book introduces methods of geometry (chapters 3, 9, 10), combinatorics (chapter 4), set theory (chapter 5), arithmetic progression (chapters 6 and 7), mathematical logic (chapter 8), geometric progression (chapter 11), and binary number system (chapters 12 and 13). For those who likes adventurous fairy tales, and for those who likes mathematics.