NetCDF Finder Plugin

NetCDF is a binary file format for storing regular numerical data. It is mostly used in geophysical research and applications, but the format is generic enough to be useful in any application, requiring storage and exchange of large array-like data.

To help managing these files in OsX, I've written a Finder plugin (QuickLook plugin to be exact), which can preview file metadata as shown on the picture.

If you use NetCDF files, you may find it useful.

  • The plugin only supports "classic NetCDF" format (version 1 and 2).
  • The plugin does not reqiure NetCDF libraries.

To install:
  1. Download zip archive using this link.
  2. Unpack the archive
  3. In Finder select menu 'Go' and choose 'Go to Folder'
  4. Choose one of two:
    • ~/Library/QuickLook -- to install for the current user only
    • /Library/QuickLook -- to install for all users
  5. If there is a previous version of "iNetCDF.qlgenerator", move it to trash.
  6. Copy the new "iNetCDF.qlgenerator" bundle to the selected folder.

  7. No other steps are required. Finder should now show previews of ".nc" files metadata.

To uninstall: Remove bundle from the Library/QuickLook location.

Enjoy my tool!

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