I need to improve my English writing skills and start actually thinking in English. It appears, that like computer, our mind has two indexes: from a word to a meaning and from a meaning to a word. Like SQL relations or hash-tables are unidirectional, so is our mind. If you are reading text understanding all the words, it doesn't mean that you will be able to find all these words when speaking. You will need to fill reverse indexes by exercise.

I've installed Text Customizer Chrome extension and added the following rule:
  • replace regular expression "[А-Яа-я]+" by "~".

It replaces all Russian words by "~". I can see that the text is in Russian, but I don't see the text itself. Good. I'll use it for a while to avoid distraction by Cyrillic on screen. It immediately returns thinking back to a bitten path.

Also I'm not going to write in Russian in that blog for a while. Sorry for that. Maybe I'll try writing in English.


SKuznetsov said...


Anatoliy Dmytriyev said...

Are we allowed to write comments in Russian?

Valery Tolkov said...

Sure you are. And I'll read them all. I'm trying to write in English, because I want some practice.