New tolkov.com

The tolkov.com web-site is completely redesigned. Previously it was my personal experimental web-site, but almost everyone in the family has their own site now, so I've decided to convert tolkov.com to a dispatch point from where you can go to individual sites. I hesitated a little to add that background photo, but finally decided to leave it. I like the picture, where we all together.

My personal page is moved to valery.tolkov.com, which is currently an archive copy of my blog merged together with old photo collections. I haven't finished with software page, which currently is just a selected set of blog pages.

The code is completely new, all of it, HTML+javascript, site management code. The site is generated using m4 preprocessor and uses node.js scripts to synchronize with external blog. In fact, I've made a blog backup tool, which can backup blogspot and tumblr blogs. Finally I can completely retire my Windows scripts and Windows virtual machine. Also, I've found that "webkit2png" is a great tool to capture screenshots of web-sites. And also, I keep everything in a Git repository and use its metadata to synchronize local copy with web-server.

I removed a huge old pile of obsolete and unreferenced files, which potentially could break some links from old or external pages. If you find some, write me, I'll fix what I can.

Update: As I said, I retire vtolkov.livejournal.com.

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