Немного фотографий из предыдущей поездки в "северные каскады".
Это Lake Ann, и кольцевой маршрут через Heather Pass и Mapple Pass. Вот описание:

Apart from the Pacific Crest Trail, there are three short trails off Rainy Pass, all beginning at one trailhead. One is a paved 1-mile path to Rainy Lake. Lake Ann is the other lake, just West of Rainy Lake, a 1.75 mile one way hike. This is where we were first heading. The lake is bordered on three sides by mountains and is accessed from the fourth side. It is a good scenic point, though not necessarily good for swimming, especially during August when mosquitos and files are plentiful.

Maple Pass Loop is a 7.5 mile loop, that climbs the mountain ridges surrounding the lake, goes around the lake, passes two passes, summits at about 7000 feet, then descends to the parking lot.

The two passes are Heather Pass and Maple pass, each offering views to the other side. The lake can be seen from just about any point on the trail after the two mile mark and up to the summit. It begins off Lake Ann Trail and ends on Rainy Lake Trail.

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